I Am a Reader

I enjoy reading. Since my wife is an English teacher, I try to read the books that she teaches in class which helps me to understand her struggles in class with students and assignments. When she started teaching a class in her high school for college credit called, "Children's Literature: Birth to Adolescence" I discovered that I LOVE to read Young Adult Literature. The side benefit is that since I hang out in the high school library a lot with my friend the Media Specialist, I also have a lot of good discussions with kids about books.Last year, I asked teachers to fill out the posters above and post them inside our outside of their classroom. The posters were made withStationery Studio, but you could use any graphic program. I know for me it was the starting place for many discussions about the books I was reading at the time. When I was reading "Motorcycle Diaries" there was a lot of talk about the movie by the same title because they had watched it in Spanish class.Want to make connections with kids by having positive conversations about learning and reading? Give it a try next year!(Originally Posted Here)