Bill Norris

The Dot Connector 

Bill knows first hand the challenges facing both students and educators. He spent 22 years as an elementary and middle school teacher, Title I Director, and central office administrator in the Boston area. He has a degree in elementary education from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, two advanced degrees from Lesley University in curriculum design and administration, and a certificate in organizational development from Bentley College.  

While Senior Project Director at MCET/Mass Interaction and the JASON Foundation for Education, Bill was FableVision's "guardian angel" who helped bring to life the award-winning BrainCogs software, learning strategies for struggling and mainstream learners. His team at JASON Foundation also secured three million dollars in federal Star Schools funds to enhance the creation of integrated science and literacy programs for underserved middle school students.  Bill oversees the schedules and calendars for both Peter and Paul Reynolds as well the logistics for the Reynolds Center. 

Bill can be contacted at