Adam Landry

Executive Vice President

Adam Landry is FableVision's Executive Vice President and one of the few FableVisionaries who has both feet firmly planted on the ground. Adam is responsible for ensuring that FableVision is around for a long, long time—inspiring creativity and fostering new ways of teaching and learning—by providing financial leadership and identifying opportunities for growth. Adam also makes sure that the complex workings of both the Creative Studio and FableVision Learning are running smoothly.

Like most FableVisionaries, Adam could not resist the gravitational pull of FableVision's mission - and the force proved especially strong for him, as he lives in Dedham, MA, home of the Reynolds twins! There, Adam has worked with Paul and Peter on several community projects, including Paul's successful 2008 campaign for town selectman.

Before his move to FableVision, Adam was the Chief Financial Officer at Resource Options, a staffing and recruiting firm in Needham, MA, where he was hailed for his incredible ability to make money grow on trees. During his seven years at Resource Options, Adam managed the company's growth from approximately $700 thousand in revenue in 2000 to over $13 million in 2007.

Adam contends that one of the most influential experiences in his professional career was his 4-year, post-college stint in the accounting department at Wonder Bread & Hostess Cakes. There, he gained the invaluable skill of being able to tell the difference between a Swiss Roll and a Ho Ho while blindfolded.

Adam holds a B.S. in Finance from the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and a M.B.A. from the University of Massachusetts-Boston. Adam and his wife, Annmarie, live in a very full house with their five children, Evan, Alyssa, Julia, Alex, and Ava, a Yorki-Poo named Teddy and a cat named Cottonball.

Adam can be reached at