Meet Peter H. Reynolds

Born in Toronto, Canada in 1961, Peter H. Reynolds shared his entry into the world with his twin brother Paul. Together, they started writing and "publishing" their own books, comic  [leaf] books and newspapers somewhere around the age of seven with the help of their father's Savin office photocopier. After spending his secondary school years as writer and illustrator of literary magazines, newspapers and his own work, Peter attended Fitchburg State College and the Massachusetts College of Art.

As founder and president of FableVision Studios,  [signpost] Peter leads a team of talented artists, designers and programmers to produce award-winning children's broadcast programming, and educational multimedia.

In Peter's own words:

"I actually wrote The North Star after a teacher in Mississippi shared her fears about our assembly-line style American school system. With little room for listening to the individual  [rabbit] child, a standardized curriculum offers little to nourish the individual spirit. My mission is to help kids discover clues about who they are... and have a way to creatively share that information with parents and teachers. These are critical ideas to help caregivers adapt curriculum, refigure expectations, and tailor challenges that are appropriate and congruent with the individual."

"There are also plenty of adults who find their education has landed them a good distance away from what they feel they were meant to do in life. It's gratifying to see how the book touches and inspires the folks who feel lost. Getting people to believe in their dreams is no easy task."