The North Star

Classroom Resource Guide


Ever wish there one place to go for all your North Star Approach ideas? Do you get the sense something is missing from the scope and sequence charts? What if you could watch a classroom blossom into a group of curious, excited life-long learners?

The North Star Classroom Resource Guide is the newly revised and renamed*, easy-to-use guide guaranteed to turn an ordinary year of curriculum into a spectacular, life-long learning journey!

The North Star Classroom Resource Guide was written by Milken Award-winning elementary educator Sue Pandiani and FableVision's award-winning author/illustrator/educational consultant Peter H. Reynolds. Based on the themes of Peter's book, The North Star, and the magical Internet mentoring with Sue's third grade classroom, this guide bottles up the secret formula that propelled Ms. Pandiani’s classroom to national and international recognition.

Teachers searching for ways to inspire their students on a life-long learning voyage will see how easily they can integrate the approach and activities in this guide into their daily classroom practices. The guide supports and facilitates a true learner-centered environment, providing students with rich opportunities to follow their North Star.