Professional Development Workshops

Interested in having us visit your school or district? Our inspirational workshops help teachers “make their mark” in the classroom. We blend effective teaching practices, innovative technology tools, and practical ideas that help teachers explore and understand how to:

  • Engage learners of all abilities and learning styles
  • Help students develop essential 21st Century skills
  • Inspire students to master content
  • Implement meaningful, real-time assessment
  • Integrate technology to enhance teaching and learning

Each session is taught by highly skilled educators who share the mission of making the classroom a more wonderful place. Where most workshops inform, our commitment is to inform AND inspire!  See all the positive things that are being said about our workshops below!

We can customize our workshops to meet the needs of your school or district. To learn more, please contact us at 888-240-3734 or 781-320-3225. We can also be reached by email

Our Professional Development Workshop Offerings…

The Live Wire School

This comprehensive program prepares "live wire" teachers to integrate writing, creativity, and self-expression across the curriculum to help ALL learners develop essential 21st Century skills. The program provides instruction on using high-tech and low-tech tools, including Peter H. Reynolds’ inspirational books (The Dot and Ish), SmartMoves™ for focus and retention, Stationery Studio® for writing and creativity, and Animation-ish™ for visual literacy and self-expression.

Digital Storytelling Using Animation

There is no doubt that animation brings classroom assignments to life, but how do we get our students to that final product? Using Inspiration/Kidspiration Software® and Animation-ish™, teachers learn how to guide students through the animation process – from storyboarding to animating to creating a movie file (using iMovie or MovieMaker) that can be shared on a blog or wiki. Teachers will arm themselves with techniques for teaching students how to communicate using technology tools so they can effectively “show what they know.”
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Engaging Lessons Using an Interactive Whiteboard

Whiteboards can be more than just a projection tool. They can help teachers deliver exciting and engaging lessons to learners of all ages and abilities. They can help students understand new concepts, and increase student involvement and motivation. Learn how to enhance teaching and learning by integrating interactive whiteboards into the classroom and your lessons.

Universal Design and the Writing Process

Writing is an essential skill for all students, yet many struggle with organizing their thoughts and expressing their knowledge or ideas. Teachers explore how to use Kidspiration Software® and Stationery Studio® to support Universal Design principles for planning and teaching the writing process. Teachers will leave with many ideas and examples of curriculum-based writing projects for students of all abilities and learning styles.
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Writing Across the Curriculum

Providing opportunities to write in all subject areas develops strong writers. Teachers explore how to use Kidspiration Software® and Stationery Studio® to develop writing and critical thinking skills in all disciplines. They learn how to teach the complete writing process, including strategies for prewriting, drafting and revising, and editing and publishing. They also learn to customize and print motivational writing paper for stories, letters, reports, shape books, mini-books, and countless other creative projects.
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Refine Your Digital Toolkit

Are your teachers experimenting with Web 2.0 tools and in need of some guided time to build lessons? This workshop will introduce, reinforce, or aid in mastering many of the Web 2.0 tools for use in the educational setting.

Customized Workshop

We can customize our workshops to meet the needs of your school or district. To learn more, please contact us by clicking "Register" below.


  • "The time went quickly. It was nice to have a full day for a single topic. Support people were very helpful and it was nice to have the help when it came time to create. Thank you, I am grateful."

  • "I left re-energized and reminded to let the “kid” out more often — something teachers should do."

  • "Everything was taught at a level where those that were not technologically inclined could follow along and those with experience learned something and weren’t bored."

  • "Gets people thinking and reaffirms the idea that we need to think more creatively about engaging kids."

  • "The whole workshop was well worth the day and I hope more teachers and administrators take the opportunity to have the experience of painting and creating without fear of criticism. Thank you for a wonderful experience..."

  • "It was very eye-opening as to how important it is to be self-accepting... you get to actually experience that for yourself, and it is far more impressive than just talking about it in a theoretical discussion."

  • "It was a great break from the regular school day and was a very worthwhile activity."

  • "Liked the focus on the adults. They need to be creative in order to inspire our students. Teachers are not given time to have fun and take risks and be creative. That’s something that needs to be encouraged by the school leadership."

  • "Well organized day. Good balance of talk and action."

  • "Great resources. Knowledgeable FableVision staff members ready and eager to help."

  • "This was a great retreat. I liked the varied activities and that during “play” time we had experts holding our hands and lending support."

  • "Very engaging! I love the hands-on approach and the support was wonderful."