The Pocket Paper Engineer

Volume 2



More, more, more pop-ups to make! Volume Two of The Pocket Paper Engineer covers platform, prop, spiral, and straddle pop-ups, with projects to be assembled right out of the book. Readers also are guided through the process of making their own pop-up cards and pages with clearly illustrated step-by-step directions. Each project features a basic principle of pop-up construction. The projects are lively and whimsical, with illustrations that combine drawings and photography. Discover the magic of making pop-ups with this playful, interactive how-to workbook.

A Perfect Compliment to Fab@School MAKER STUDIO! 
Explore STEAM (STEM + Arts) as students craft and learn!

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The Pocket Paper Engineer: This instructional workbook trilogy is a complete class in the art of designing pop-ups. The award-winning three-volume series covers the design and construction of pop-up cards and pages using a playful, interactive format. In the first volume, readers quickly learn how to build simple cut-and-fold pop-ups by assembling projects right into the book. The same format is employed in subsequent volumes to teach more complex pop-up forms. Step- by-step illustrations and instructions provide additional guidance in creating one’s own pop-up designs.

Written by Carol Barton
(Popular Kinetics Press, 2008)

Hardcover (Wire-O Binding) - 72 pages, 6.5" x 1.5" x 10"