The Pocket Paper Engineer

Volume 1



Elegant and accessible, this interactive handbook (the first in a series of three) teaches crafters of all ages how to create kinetic paper art. The projects are complete with examples, formulas, and the essential instruction that allows them to be constructed directly from the book with simple materials on hand: paper, scissors, and glue. Pop-ups are grouped by type—box or triangle—and as the chapters progress, the techniques are combined and layered for more dramatic effects. With its thorough explanations and inspiring ideas, this book will bring color and motion to crafters’ cards, scrapbooks, and invitations.

A Perfect Compliment to Fab@School MAKER STUDIO! 
Explore STEAM (STEM + Arts) as students craft and learn!

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The Pocket Paper Engineer: This instructional workbook trilogy is a complete class in the art of designing pop-ups. The award-winning three-volume series covers the design and construction of pop-up cards and pages using a playful, interactive format. In the first volume, readers quickly learn how to build simple cut-and-fold pop-ups by assembling projects right into the book. The same format is employed in subsequent volumes to teach more complex pop-up forms. Step- by-step illustrations and instructions provide additional guidance in creating one’s own pop-up designs.

Written by Carol Barton
(Popular Kinetics Press, 2005)

Hardcover (Wire-O Binding) - 67 pages, 6.5" x 1.5" x 10"