Mapping the World by Heart


If you placed blank sheets of paper in front of your students, could they draw a detailed map of the entire world? It may seem hard to believe, but after exploring the innovative Mapping the World by Heart curriculum, students have a comprehensive knowledge of geography that allows them to map the world entirely from memory!

  • Teaches students to draw – entirely from memory – detailed world maps including the names, borders, mountain ranges, rivers, and major cities of more than 190 countries.
  • Gets students excited about geography and encourages them to think globally.
  • Promotes positive student interactions and collaboration, both in small group work and as a class.
  • Provides teachers with flexible lessons they can easily integrate into their existing curriculum.
  • Gives students a constructive goal to work towards all year long.




Watch our fun intro video to see how Mapping the World by Heart works! Also, learn more about the curriculum by visiting our detailed Frequently Asked Questions page.