Early Childhood Fab Lab & Fab@School Partners Meet-Up

When: Wednesday, June 29 at 12:00 p.m.

What: FableVision’s Fab@School Maker Studio digital design and fabrication software was created in collaboration with many partners in Fab@School R&D initiative led by Dr. Glen Bull at UVA.  This is a chance for any of the partners in the Fab@School ecosystem - as well as, by extension members of affiliated Early Childhood Fab Lab Partnership - and funding partners -  to meet face to face, compare notes on various strands of the initiative, and explore ways to support the greater mission to ensure all learners have meaningful STEM experiences with hands on digital fabrication in Pre-K to grade 12.  

Program & funding partners include UVA, Hofstra, Princeton, UNT, FableVision/Reynolds Center, TIES, MIT FabFoundation, Bay Area Discovery Museum, NSF, US DOE, Virginia Tech, Marin Country Day School, The Children’s Museum of Cleveland, Noyce Foundation, Cisco Foundation, MacArthur Foundation, Motorola Foundation.