Fab@School Maker Studio



Discover Fab@School Maker Studio, an easy way to engage young engineers!

  • Explore STEAM (STEM + Arts) as students make to learn.
  • Create machines, 3D models, pop-ups, & more.
  • Enjoy a high-tech/low-tech solution for digital fabrication.

Envision a classroom where students are actually working as engineers—a classroom where students imagine, invent, design, test, and collaborate to solve compelling problems. Picture a classroom where creativity flourishes and making mistakes is part of the learning process, as students discover for themselves what works and what does not. And imagine a classroom where every student walks away from a lesson with a working machine, pop-up, or another 3D object they designed and created themselves.

This is the Fab@School classroom, where the enthusiasm for learning is palpable. As one student said, "You can actually do it...you can see it and you can understand it!"