Fab@School Maker Studio Activities

Fabricate Your Tic-Tac-Dino Board!: Print and fabricate your own Tic-Tac-Dino game and play with your friends.

Create and Play Mini Sudoku!: This FabAwesome project introduces you to the Sudoku number puzzle and helps you create your own Sudoku game set.

Fabricate and Assemble a Working Automaton: This automaton model is a simple machine that moves a piston up and down when the handle on the front is turned. It uses a mixture of simple 2D and complex 3D parts, and demonstrates various concepts in paper craft and engineering.

Tiny House Challenge: This project gives students the chance to explore the tiny house movement, exploring
sustainable living in the 21st century by creating and prototyping tiny houses.

Fab@School Maker Studio Support Materials

3D Geometry Guide: This project introduces you to base concepts of building 3D geometry in Maker Studio with examples and walkthroughs.

Design and Fabricate a Ferris Wheel: This design walk-through teaches Fab@School features and engineering tips for designing and assembling your own paper Ferris wheel.

Playground Water Pump Challenge: This project gives students the chance to explore the problem of unequal access to clean water and to design and prototype potential solutions to this problem.

The Flight of the Bumble Bee: This project gives students the chance to explore how an animal’s form serves its function and to design and prototype their understandings of these macroscale systems. Students will design a 2D to 3D prototype of a bumble bee (or another flying insect) that demonstrates how its structure serves it in its function of flight.

Animation-ish Activities

Exploring Feelings Students will demonstrate alternatives for how to appropriately handle their negative emotions. Animation-ish File